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How to be friend of your Ex even after breakup.

How to be friend of your Ex even after breakup.

In relationship, Breakup is always be very tough time for both person. Sometime it quite hard to move on from this phase & start new beginning. When you are going through this phase then it is really impossible to understand the things & take correct decision which is actually really require at that moment. Some people get depressed & never come out after the breakup up. It always be very hard to left someone behind & move forward. This decision really quite hurtful when you have to do this thing with someone, to whom you have decided to spend your whole life. But due to some circumstance you have to change your thought process.

Sometime when people attract with each other than it does not mean you are compatible with your partner. When you spend some time with your partner, then it create chance for both person to know each other, understand the feeling, compatibility etc.  There are lot of factor which require for any relationship to be last longer.

Not sure is there any way or tactics  to get your ex girlfriend back when she has moved on.

It does not mean if you had break with your girlfriend then you cannot be her friend after that.

Breakup wasn’t messy.

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There are lot of reason behind any break which might be happen due to long distance, not understanding each other feeling or may be relationship turns to be formalities or lacking of interest in each other etc. if your break up was not messy & end up with this reason then there is hope for you to make your EX as Friend.

Most of the major issue behind break up like cheating or lying etc. are some serious matter. In this case break was end up with a lot of fights& after that there are no chance for this.

Had good time in past.

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When you were in relationship then your partner loved to enjoy time with you. Then definitely, you have something which really keeps her face smiling. This is key attributes which helps to keep your EX as best friend.

Give sometime to your partner after breakup.

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Post break time always be very intense for any person. At that moment, there are lot of things going on in mind. People actually does not in proper state of mind in order to take any decision. Then give some time to your partner to rebuild emotion & take correct decision.

Genuinely like each other as people.

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When your partner likes your behavior which according to her, makes you good person. It gives you extra edge & help you to maintain friendship with her.

Still you respect your Ex Thoughts.

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After breakup peoples start to ignoring EX & pretending like they never met with each other. But this is not the good way to treat your EX. If you had break up & you still appreciate your EX thoughts. Then it is good sign as mature man.

Do not say creepy things to your EX after breakup.

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After breakup, there are lot of people who starts to giving wrong statement about her EX that actually wrong things, how could you say negative thing about your partner with whom,  you had good time. If you politely accept the truth & move on in your life without any messy thing. Then it increases your chance to be EX friend.

New flame knows you exist.

If your ex is now in new relationship then definite, you need to respect her decision. If her new partner aware about that you two had relationship in past. Then it does not mean that you cannot do friendship with your EX.

Always present with partner.

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If you really care about your partner then defiantly you always be present with her specially in toughest time. That makes kind of perception in your partner mind that whenever he/she needs you then you always take stand with her & try to help her to come out the situation in all the scenario.


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